Chongqing Yuhui teaching appliance Limited company, is located in the town of Nie Shuaizhi Shuangfu new Jiangjin District of Chongqing city. In 2005, the joint-stock limited company was established by Chongqing Yucai fittings factory after the reform.

      The company mainly produces and sales of three big series products:

      (1) teaching appliances. The main products are: all kinds of desks and chairs for students, the students and the school canteen bed apartment bed, tables and chairs, tables and chairs, ladder, sports facilities, office appliances.

      (2) the health physics and chemistry laboratory facilities. Our products sell well all over the country, welcomed by the majority of users.                                                                                        more>>

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Distinguished educators, students:


Chalk teaching is an indispensable tool for teaching at present, it is used to impart knowledge, is one of the most original and traditional teaching methods, the chalk from its application to now has thousands of years of history, has made an indelible contribution to human education, along with the progress of history and social development, human understanding of the chalk teaching aids continue to improve, the chalk to the cause of human progress and make a great contribution to education at the same time, but also to the teachers and students in the education cause great harm.

eachers, is a common chronic pharyngitis and vocal cord diseases.                                        more>>

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