Agent (join) the contract

Party A: Chongqing Yu Hui teaching equipment Co. Ltd.
Party B:
Party A and Party B on the basis of the principle of "equality and voluntariness, honesty and trustworthiness, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, long-term cooperation", through friendly consultations, reached the following agreement.
First, determine the term of agency and agency
1.1 Party A authorizes Party B as (an area) of the distributor is responsible for the sales of a product, and provide related services for customers.
1.2 party agents for a period of two years from the date of entry into force of this agreement.
1.3 Party B shall have the right in the advertising and letters show that the Party A's authorized dealers, however, does not allow any part of Party A Party B in the name of the company or related applications used alone a company name, trade name or part of it, or trademark.
1.4 Party B shall pay a certain amount in the contract deposit (20000 yuan / county).
Two, responsibilities and obligations of Party
2.1 Party A shall provide to Party B to help sales promotion.
2.2 Party B as the product distribution during the cooperation, the establishment of second party distributor in the region not Party B.
2.3 Party A shall guarantee the integrity of the area sales to Party B, Party B shall all customers within the region to Party B Party A shall manage the sales, the sales price to protect the integrity of Party B.
2.4 if Party A shall adjust the sales price system, one month in advance notice to Party B.
2.5 if the existing regional distributors in the region, the regional distributors to Party B by Party B shall be responsible for the coordination of supply management.
2.6 in order to protect Party B's promotion and investment results, regardless of whether the customer has the area of Party B and Party B through contact with customers, are regarded as Party B. Party A shall not be used by Party B party a product is not the territory.
Three, Party B's responsibility and obligation according to the terms of this Agreement and the provisions of Party A, Party B agrees to act as sales and distribution of work:
Party A Party B shall have the corresponding products in 3.1 distribution of liquidity support.
3.2 Party B shall have the obligation to support the regional management, dealers in the region of the agent in the period of the agreement.
3.3 Party B shall have the obligation to abide by the sales price system specified by Party A, no dumping. Party B shall have the obligation to abide by the Party of regional regulations, shall not cross regional distribution.
3.4 Party B shall actively, persistently and do our best to promote Party A's products sales in its distribution area.
3.5 Party B shall not sell similar products in the period of the agreement and Party A's products.
3.6 based on a non exclusive and non transferable limited, in the distribution of regional regulations, Party A Party B has awarded the use, management and sales of products to its customers the power of Party A. Party B shall ensure that Party A will not suffer losses because the client fails to perform the contract, not because of Party B's contract with customers not necessary provisions include the losses to Party A. Otherwise, Party A will take according to the seriousness of the case, cancel the dealership qualifications or claims and other measures without the prior consent of Party B agrees to Party B.
3.7 Party B shall be responsible for the installation and debugging of customers within the region of Party B, Party B shall be responsible for the technical support and consulting.
3.8 Party B in each county must be completed 30000 of the annual sales (wholesale price settlement according to the company).
Four, the cost of clearing
4.1 Party A Party B to give agent to join or price (see price list). Party B shall develop dealers and terminal operators can be freely adjusted operating above this price, with the development of the market, Party B can be determined according to the specific situation of local products retail price, retail price but not against company policy.
4.2 Party B shall order the party products, in order to fax, Party B should be proof of payment after payment to the fax to the party, party a received the payment amount of orders and order that, within three working days to deliver the goods to Party B. The freight shall be borne by Party B.
4.3 if Party B violates the provisions of the company, Party A shall not refund the deposit.
Five, intellectual property and confidentiality
5.1 in order to protect the intellectual property of Party A, Party B shall not disassemble, a product of decryption, copy, lease or loan and other violations, once discovered, shall in addition to immediately stop and lift the distribution agreement, the legal proceedings, thus caused to Party A by Party B's loss, take full responsibility.
All the software and system software 5.2 provided by Party A to Party B, Party A has the complete and independent intellectual property. B caused by intentional or negligent disclosure to any third party; Party B shall assume the liability, on the basis of the development or the third party development would be an act of tort.
5.3 according to this agreement, Party A shall inform Party B of all information related to the software and software price, in order to Party B for use in commercial activities. Unless the information can be obtained from the public or other places, Party B agrees that during the effective period of this Agreement for the information secret and not disclosed to third parties, or to use the information.
Six, the user and the principle of contract
Products and services provided to the 6.1 party enjoyed complete pricing, including the pricing, price adjustment and price of interpretation. In order to regulate the market behavior, Party B will be publicly announced the market retail price. Both sides recognized the distribution agent price list must be sealed by authorized by Party A shall be valid.
Seven, the term of the agreement and the termination of the agreement
7.1 first valid period of this Agreement for two years. The results for the protection of the market development of Party B, unless the agreement is under any of the following terms in the automatic termination of this agreement will be automatically extended, a year.
7.2 if any of the following circumstances, this Agreement shall automatically terminate:
7.2.1 Party B fails to perform its obligations under this agreement during the term of this agreement or accessory part or all of the terms and cancel the dealership qualifications by Party a;
7.2.2 Party B fails to promote and sell more than three months in the area, Party B fails to achieve the regional sales target of 30% by Party A to cancel the distribution agent qualification;
7.2.3 Party B shall automatically give up agent distribution rights and submit a written waiver;
7.2.4 Party B does not fulfill sales target in the contract period.
7.3 if any of the following circumstances, any party may terminate this agreement:
(1) the agreement of important information of severe leakage, and after receiving the written notice to the other party within 15 days failed to take measures.
(2) automatically declared bankruptcy or forced into bankruptcy or insolvency of the object, according to the relevant laws and have become terminated within 60 days.
7.4 distribution agreement with normal termination, Party B shall be the fulfillment and customer power entrusted to Party A, and all about the customer may require information.
Eight, general provisions
8.1 arbitration arising out of or in connection with this contract and any dispute shall be submitted to the Chongqing Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with its arbitration rules, the. The arbitration award shall be final and binding on both parties. Matters not covered in this contract, Party A and Party B with respect to solve, mutual benefit and the principle of consultation, can sign supplementary agreement, through friendly consultations fail to reach agreement, Party A will in the seat of the court to solve.
8.2 Party A has the right of final interpretation of this agreement.
8.3 this Agreement shall be effective on the date of signature and seal of both parties. Four copies of this agreement, each party holding two copies, with the same effect.
Party A: Chongqing Yu Hui teaching equipment Co. Ltd.
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Party B:
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