The advantage of project

Chongqing Yuhui teaching appliance limited development "Yuhui" brand colour liquid chalk, has incomparable advantages of similar products.

First of all, the characteristics of the product can meet the requirements for teachers:

1, color diversity. Four colors to meet different requirements of teaching, including painting.

2, high brightness, strong visibility. Our product design a visible range of 12 meters, more than the State Board of education regulations of 9 m *6 m specification, students can clearly see the handwriting at any angle.

3, liquidity. Product viscosity fluency. We in the design of low viscosity, but also improved the written porosity, more can guarantee the smooth ink.

4, clean and good. Timely erasable, than international 30 seconds after the wipe paste board standard; delay erasable erasable, temperature for 30 - 60 days at about 30 degrees.

5, wipe clean. We design: handwriting is a gelatinous substance encased in a clean, exercise vertically downwards, so as to solve the problem of dust suspension, in order to solve the possibility of dust is inhaled.

6, paste board small possibility. My company can withstand high frequency ink teacher writing on the blackboard, high frequency wipe test. Use the right way, not easy to paste board. (on the other, our company equipped with universal cleaning agent, help clean the board)

7, take time. Our company liquid chalk hat time is 8 to 72 hours. This index can guarantee that teachers use like the ordinary chalk so convenient, not because often blocks and effects of teaching ideas and emotions.

Secondly, the advantages of teaching board.

1, after the study, we found that: in addition to the green environmental protection color, yellow color is a kind of environmental protection. Yellow reflecting soft light, let the students to keep calm, can learn by heart.

2, the panel. Matt surface while increase the technical difficulty of rubbing, but can effectively protect the eyesight of students, to reduce the occurrence of myopia rate.

3, before using our products, only a simple transformation of the original teaching board, will not change the original teaching board properties. At the same time, the surface reconstruction cost is very low, is one of the common metal plate. This reduces the threshold of entering the market of our products, to provide more people to get our products to healthy.

Third, agent with excellent conditions.

1, join in cost. Our company is in the business, fully consider the agent's point of view, the agents of the risk to a minimum. The implementation of the "0" policy to join agents, eliminating the worries of agents.

2, complete the price system. We implement a unified price system of agents, and resolutely put an end to the vicious price competition, the full protection of the interests of agents from harm.

3, for the first time purchase requirements. Our company spirit of "invites the world, seek common interests, common development" policy, the agent does not make any first purchase requirements.

Chongqing Yuhui teaching appliance Co. Ltd. in terms of product quality, marketing, has incomparable advantages. Our objective is to provide the health of teachers and students, make the product into the market as soon as possible, so that more people in the shortest time to enjoy the joy of products. About 38000000 teachers, nearly 400000000 students look forward to the eyes, you still hesitant what? We look forward to your joining us here, we warmly welcome you to join! For our students, for our children, for the harmonious development of human society, let us work together to accomplish this sacred mission!


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