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Responsible person: Xu Fei
Headquarters: Pengcheng garden in Jiangjin District of Chongqing
Factory: Chongqing , Jiangjin double blessing Jin Fu Chang District No. 7-10

About us

      Chongqing Yuhui teaching appliance Limited company, is located in the town of Nie Shuaizhi Shuangfu new Jiangjin District of Chongqing city. In 2005, the joint-stock limited company was established by Chongqing Yucai fittings factory after the reform.
      The company mainly produces and sales of three big series products:
      (1) teaching appliances. The main products are: all kinds of desks and chairs for students, the students and the school canteen bed apartment bed, tables and chairs, tables and chairs, ladder, sports facilities, office appliances.
      (2) the health physics and chemistry laboratory facilities. Our products sell well all over the country, welcomed by the majority of users.
      (3) liquid chalk. Due to the long time and the school contact, we see a very serious phenomenon: wipe the blackboard the teacher during class, chalk dust flies everywhere, especially in the hot summer, the situation is more serious. Chongqing Yuhui company determined to change this situation, for the sake of the health of thirty million teachers and four hundred million students, decided to develop liquid chalk, to the majority of teachers and students a healthy and clean environment. From 2003 to 2008, through our efforts, finally successful birth of the chalk color liquid. The product consists of black, red, blue, green, four colors. Liquid chalk ink filling in the pen, writing on the blackboard, teaching in the yellow board writing clear, color diversity can satisfy the quality of teaching; writing is smooth, low friction, reduce the teacher writing on the blackboard wiped clean, fatigue; to make teachers teach relaxed, to improve the quality of teaching. Color liquid chalk, before school just put a few funds, without changing the original nature of teaching in the simple transformation of the blackboard, you can use this product. This will reduce the use cost of the school, creating favorable conditions for the company's products to market quickly.
      (4) the finger touch portable electronic whiteboard. With the ordinary four meters clean plate, can directly make clean plate has the function of electronic whiteboard, more beautiful, more than the traditional sliding plate and the electronic whiteboard teaching program function is convenient, its function is very powerful, support for a variety of documents.
      (5) the interactive teaching feedback system. With the implementation of the hall detection, with the participation of all students, the learning process record of students, improve the efficiency of teachers.
      (6) the wisdom of teaching platform. The platform is rich in resources, the teacher can always call the resource you want to that point that read, teach and learn with the flip, the perfect realization of students' autonomous learning, the teacher classroom instruction.
      Chongqing Yuhui company in innovation, dedication, service "business philosophy, to create first-class brand supplies industry. Will be adhering to the "innovation and technology, to promote the health" business philosophy, and constantly blaze new trails, to China education modernization efforts!
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